The day started very early, receiving a sms from a friend with not too good news but it was sunny and after a walk things looked better and it was time to head to Betahaus, where I found that the Betahaus breakfast was taking place, I had completely forgotten about it.

Betahaus breakfast In Thursdays coworkers have breakfast together, there is a round, everybody introduces him/herself, that gives an idea of with whom are you sharing space. Also there was the presentation of 3 start ups.
Somewhere , it’s mission is to connect people and then find the kind of company that they are building, thinking about, etc is a translator marketplace and its slogan is “going global a human powered translation solution for the web”
Makeapoint add videos to your discussions, so that they become face to face discussion.


It’s incredible, the huge effort made to make “working” attractive(understanding work as job not as an activity you like) the worry of how to make an idea or thing a business…and my question is always, why do we need to think how to make business? We are seeing, that people actually work a lot, make a lot of things, people are creative and never stop thinking about new things, people like doing things, sharing things, but there is always a moment that things have to become productive, profitable, work is linked to survival. That’s a weird approach, currently the world can produce enough things for everybody(all those thousands of millions), so the main worry should not be to create a successful startup to survive(if you want to become immensely rich maybe), but to think how to distribute the richness that is already out there, so that we can have a decent life and then  we would do whatever we like doing. Work will always be done, humans have fun creating things, is one of their main “default” features why should we replace machines, shouldn’t it be the other way round?

Ufff…maybe all this makes no sense, and there are only some first morning thoughts, but the topic has been going on my head for a long time, 9 years ago I founded a cooperative, we developed and did consultancy on free software for 3rd sector organizations, we wanted to  think other ways of generating economy, very difficult and very exhausting, you have to keep in mind making money, making profit and maybe your goal is making social improvement, how do this two things match? hardly, with a lot of effort, no solution found.

After all this morning digressions, let’s start the hackership day, the stand-up round, whatdidwedoyesterday-whatwillwedotoday
I have to decide if to continue doing the tutorials or starting the TDD of my own app, which will hopefully be a webcalendar one day. Today I’m not too concentrated :-/ .. so I decide continuing with the tutorials about testing. They are fun, well done and interesting, so concentration comes back.

In between I find out that to load by default rvm needs to be added to the .bashrc file the following line

source ./rvm/script/rvm

I already had another pack of lines, that also work, but I find this one much nicer 🙂

After getting some lunch and new energy, I decided to start my TDD.
First question that came to my mind, should I do directly integration tests, as the tutorial is doing it, should I do units tests. One good thing, I begin to have clear the difference between them, but that did not solve the question, so after asking for some help about it, things came clear, I would start with unit tests, then integration tests will come.

Hackership first week wrap up

To wrap up the week, all the hackershipirates met at 18h to explain how did the week go, what was learned. The conclusion is that now we are on are way and looking forward to have more fun.