Well, some weekends are difficult to describe, but then Mondays come and things get clear 😀

One good thing is that Saint Nikolai brought some good news, after charging the laptop battery for over 10h, it came alive. So no more worries about hardware problems, I guess better not say it too loud but the fact is that survived the processing workshop 😀

http://eugeabalos.blogspot.de/So Monday was here again, time for breakfast, in this occasion time to share some Xmas cookies baked yesterday at home. In the breakfast table, appear the post-it (we are nothing without them!, in general I mean), a moment to think what were the goals, what was done and set up this weeks goals, this time,  seeing the hackership end, makes a difference in how to set the goals. So though I was beginning to get addicted to testing and want to do more, time to change to javascript, do some front end stuff, which I’ve normally avoid, but now is the best moment to understand a bit how it works.

After breakfast, some nice talk about the weekend and about one of the topics that in the last few months comes quite often in conversations, the German ways of doing and relating to people. I guess is kind of boring for Germans to have to listen over and over again certain things, though on the other hand one of the “critics” is that they are normally not too interested in what other people say/think, since they are (or seem)  very self-confident, to really know which is the good way of doing things, a lot of (pre)judgment goes on, apart from the fact of being distant, cold, and lack of tolerance, so much DIY instead of DIWO. Well. always is difficult to generalize, but when certain things are shared by so many people, you also begin to think about it.  And yes, the weekend had several of these conversations, or situations that are really bizarre, I guess bizarre is the word of the weekend.

pachamama-sqrThough not all the conversation was about Germany, but also other countries, among them Ecuador  and the iniciative FLOK-Society, Free/Libre Open Knowledge Society, designing a world for the commons, an initiave to bring Free software everywhere in Ecuador.

So, before starting with the javascript, I had a skype with my collegues from Dabne, we had to do some cleaning up in the server, this tendance of installing demos, different software, etc and the never have the time to get rid of them. Today was the moment to delete all the old stuff, nice feeling. Now Dabne has a clean server.

Grey day, really grey, even “perfect” grey … a stolen description of today’s sky. To get to do things was kind of difficult, but got through a couple of levels of codeschool Javascript courses. Uffff, not too motivating, going through loops, conditions, etc … with different syntax, forgetting ; and “var” before the variable …mmmm…. so time to switch to check the app, the last things were done a bit quickly and something was not working.

After trying to figure out what was the problem for a bit of time, of course, it had to be something very simple. In a has_many relation-through when you pass the id, you have to do it in plural, for example :tag_ids … that s makes the difference!!!

Then I was told a nice rpsec tip, also a simple one :), the best ones

rspec spec -fd