I should have written this post a month ago. Then I was really excited about the idea of starting the #RGSoC I was wondering how was it going to be, how would we manage. The team was of busy in the pre-RGSoC, so actually we did not have time to do a strict roadmap of how to organize the summer so we did it in the organic way, let it flow, for me is the best way to do things, specially when if it works, is the way a feel more comfortable, but this time was not sure what could happen. My first feeling was that everything was going to be great, first sight impressions.

Now, one month has passed and I must say that it’s awesome!!! I think it is not only covering the expectations but going beyond that. Really enjoying every day, despite some days we are more frustrated if things don’t work. I have the best pair @juliaguar, we are Team-D, since we are working on Diaspora free social network.

I would say that we have a lot of fun :-D, well I least I have it, but a big lot … our everyday adventures you can find them in the blog in n-1.cc or here.

But we also have the luck to count on @mkrogemann as coach, he is really amazing, every minute we spend with him is like a sip of concentrated-knowledge juice. He unblocks us really easily, which is really a nice feeling,so our meetings are really productive.

And last but not least, I must say I’m really happy to actually have online some the core contributors, to get their advise and help, to be encourage, to have the feeling of entering a community. I didn’t expect it so it has been a wonderful surprise.

Learning in the open source world is much more that learning to code, is learning to think about having good practices, so work is easier for everybody, is to see discussions going on till there is a decision made, is to realize that working in a decentralized way works, is to work with others, is thinking about communication, documentation, finances, is knowing people, is sharing a space, which might be virtual but very very real.

So maybe everything sounds too nice and a bit “plastic”, things cannot be sooo “ñoñas” (sorry don’t know the word in English and the dict- translation is not actually the Spanish meaning) but some time ago I decided to apply KISS principle also to life, things are simple, you can enjoy simple things, so why should we get complicated.

BTW forgot to say, that 1 month later, today we had two PR merged into Diaspora, so happy coding is a fact 🙂