This is the last week of hackership, it has been an intense time until now  and still is not over!!

During the weekend my computer decided to take a rest again, but now no idea if it will recover, so first thing in the morning was to take it to Batman elektronik.

A really great place to go, even just to take a look 🙂

So is kind of strange to start the last week, setting up the environment. I’ll do a summary of how, since there are steps that I had forgotten. Mainly the process is to install RVM with Ruby and then install Rails.

First you need to install curl, I'm working with Ubuntu, so

apt-get install curl

Then RVM with ruby

curl -sSL | bash -s stable --ruby


Then Rails

gem install rails

You want to begin to play around with Rails and you may find that RVM does not respond. To get rvm working you need a login-shell
Then you want to start rails server, for example, and you get an error

Could not find a JavaScript runtime

Ok, in order to run Javascript you need node.js install,

so first you add to your source list the node.js repository

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:chris-lea/node.js

Then you update your packages

sudo apt-get -y update

Then you install node.js

sudo apt-get -y install nodejs

Now, time to start to work, but then you realiye that it was great to have been pushing to github, so you don’t loose the code you’ve been writing but of course not all the code is in the repository, secret_token is not there and the database.yml neither

While remembering where and how it worked the secret_token, how to generate a new one, best practices, it was a good time to improve the “how” so did some reading, a better way to manage  the rails secret-token. So now I have my config/initialiyers/secret_token.rb and my config/secret.yml  which I added to the .gitignore file, so that I don’t commit it in git.

Right now that everything is working time to go to the tetra session, we are going to have an overview of four javascript frameworks, emberjs, angular, backbone and meteor ….cool!! 🙂

After the session had an idea of the differences between them, summarizing a lot I would say that, ember is a MVC(Model-Controller-View) javascript framework, angular can be seen an a way of extending HTML with javascript using MVC, backbone is a skeleton to organize your javascript and jquery in MV*(controllers not included) but without extras and meteor is the unknown future where javascript is in client side and server side, so that data is permanently updated in both sides without any rest api or anything just javascript, not ready to go on production but pretty stable to play around.