Pre-last day in #hackership last days have been not very productive when talking about coding, almost nothing done 🙁 but they have been really good when coming to the socializing point. It is funny to see how groups evolve. During 5 weeks we’ve been almost focus in coding, learning, the human interaction was there but somehow limited.

But it has exploded in the last days, maybe because we know more each other or the end is closer, maybe because most of us will leave for Christmas for their country or city, or just because after 6 intense weeks we are also tired, but we have laughed a lot, we have shared all kinds of conversations, I would say going a bit deeper, jokes have been done and complicity now is on the air.

I guess we are a “weird” group, in the good sense 😉 .. let’s say “Dios los cria y ellos se juntan”, which is always a nice experience.

Now somehow there is, at least for me, a “goodbye” feeling, things come to an end to continue in a different way, but before we will have gone back to other reality, not the one that you’ve been sharing for the last weeks. Back to another country, to another mindset, to another way of seeing things, living between two realities and little by little not belonging to any of them or on the contrary to both of them. Last night we had dinner together, at some point the conversation was about the concept of nation, could not follow the whole conversation but on our side, the idea was clear, we don’t want nations, as is something that separates people, but we do support the idea of cultures, not one but many, not uniform but diverse. That’s is part of hacking, thats why we are hacking the world 😀

But before that we have our closing event!! That will happen in some hours, let’s see if it brings us any surprises  🙂




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