Everything has an end, or changes its state. That is what is happening with hackership, the everyday life comes to an end, but for sure is not the end, that is just not an option.

The day started as always, or at least I suppose, the last day I did not feel like working, I had woke up thinking on all the pending stuff that I have to do before going home, so I went late but when I arrived to Betahaus I saw everybody amazingly concentrated, as if it were a normal day, not the day of the closing event. It seemed to be just another hackership day, I guess it was a a way to stop time, to retain hackership, just some bags with Christmas cookies gave us a hint that it was a different day, Dec 19th 2013.

At 15h we had our last round of presentation of the project that we were working on, the moment to share the coming future and to thank every single person for making this experience happen. No-one new what to expect but I think everybody has the feeling that this experience exceeded expectations.

Empty space

After this last round, it was time to rehearse the closing event, everything had to be perfect, so there we were, talking to the non-existing audience and ourselves. We heard the introductory speech, the learners panel was a good moment to share the experience of participating in hackership, and of course was unique, not all the ideas and comments were repeated afterwards, some questions were modified, some improvised, but the conversation was flowing.

On the back others were setting up their laptops, where they would show the work done during hackership, it was time to share what had been learned, while also it was time to set the table with cookies, sweets, cake and some other stuff that would make the socializing part a bit more entertaining.

preparing Hackership closing event

We also rehearsed the graduation ceremony, OMG!! I thought I would always skip this kind of things, too old for this but this time, the certificates were going to be awesome, so it was worth it 😀 .. also sometime ago I learned that certain rituals are kind of ok, is just an excuse to gather, to share, to present things to others.

The rehearsing time took longer than expect so basically we linked it up with the “live” event. People started to arrive, some known faces, is always nice to see friends, some unknown faces, nice to see them too, it means other people is interested in the project, to support it, to join it, to…who knows?

So I think everything went perfect, the introduction to the idea of hackership


the learners panel which was great, many things shared but I was surprised that when talking about the workshop about how to get unstuck, nobody mention the most important clue “Read fucking code”, maybe it was not the right thing to say in a ceremony :P, a great video summarizing the 6 weeks,

hackership learners panel


the graduation ceremon,and at the end, we gave the organizers also their certificate, for making this happen and with it some invitation to a spa, just to relax a bit after all these crazy weeks and some other stuff that we thought they would like.

Without the organizers, hackership would have not happened, so many, many thanks!! and also thanks to the hackers in residence that spent time with us 🙂


indiegogo logoAt one of the most important things that happened during the event, was the launching of the crowd-funding campaign, so yes!! time to donate some money for an awesome project, learning experiments like this are worth supporting them, so please donate and spread the word, thanks!!!



Little by little people began to leave, time to go, to relax, some stayed drinking calmly the lasts drinks, everything went quieter.

But I said that the certificates were going to be great, here is the proof, checksum included  🙂 … nice right?

hackership certificate


And this seemed almost the end, but if you look closer, life is like a fractal, when you think is over everything starts again, so stay tuned!!