It was early in the morning, 9 a.m? I was still on the Ubahn heading to our first #hackership day. At home, they explain to the kids, that I was going out so soon because I was going to the “Kita” 😀

I arrived there, to the place where I’ve spent most of the summer doing the RGSoC, the Betahaus. So it was actually like going back home, though this time locations change. I won’t be in the Cafe but actually in the first floor, sharing co-working space with the rest of #hackership team and other people (those that are first you think they might be martians or who knows!)

When arriving I stepped in a room full of people, coffees on the table, some croissants, cakes, sleepy and smiley faces, it was the starting point of what is expected to be a great adventure!

We waited for the CO of Betahaus to explain us the rules, but he did not turn up and a nice girl came and told us how things work, as member of Betahaus.

And how to start a learning process? well talking about learning, of course 😀
so Till, that got the time a bit misunderstood, came late to give a workshop on learning. The guide lines of the workshop were:

Wake-up brainwriting
Intro psychology of learning
video session
open discussion
group discussion

After an intro to the workshop, we started with the brainwriting, the idea was to write down the first 1-2 words that came to your mind when thinking about learning.
This are some of the words, I expected to take a picture but I guess that with so many heads in front of the post-its would not have helped, so I just took notes of what I could read.
“read, read, read, real world problems,fun, trial & error, no fun no learning, motivation, exciting, interesting, focus, distraction, teacher, sharing knowledge, improving, growing-up, homework, repetition, happens, incremental, ease into it, independent, improving,

Then here some pics of the brief intro to the evolution of learning theories.

learning_def learning_theories










A video to trigger the debate about learning

and yes, the discussion was opened, but before a break. Monday morning and already a lot of info in our heads!!
Open the windows, get some fresh air, winter air. Go around, talk here and there, read this and that flyer..physical procrastination.
Back to the discussion, learning, learning, learning, common things that came out after dividing in groups.

  • To teach, to write a tutorial, to explain others is the best way to test yourself if really you have understood things
  • Is important to care for yourself, eat well, drink water, do exercise, this will improve your learning
  • Take breaks, following techniques like pomodoro, or just relax, during the day but also during the learning process.

Other things were said, but I just forgot.
Then came lunchtime, going for a walk, getting some things, a bit of hanging out..and beginning with our learning process.
Some already teamed up, others just tried to have their things set up, some began/continued their own projects.

As for me, the project that I want to do is a stand alone webcalendar ruby&rails app. But this time I will do TDD, and here some useful links that I discovered