Sep 202013

oh-my-zsh-logo I was quite fond of bash shell, or maybe I’m not the kind of person that if something works need to change it for something new, but lately I was finding really annoying the fact of not being able to access to the whole history of the command line, just because bash does not handle the history when having several tabs, it just “remembers” the last tab history when you close the terminal.
I was couping with this fact, not very happy, but as I said, I have too many things normally in mind to really spend time in searching about this, but sometimes happens, that you ask, and someone gives you a nice answer 🙂

This happened yesterday, when they recommended me zsh shell, now I’ve installed it, it looks and feels really good, it is also optimized to use ruby, rails, git, bundler ,  so I’m going to give it a try 🙂

you can download zsh from

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